Gostaresh & Tose Azarbayjan company(TSA) attempted to manufacture various kinds of shelters in addition to other products…

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Type I: throughout welded metal structure (using welds in connections)

  • Chassis is made of iron beam size 14 or 16.
  • Skeleton is made of rectangular profiles 8*8, 4*8, 4*4, 2*4, 2*2 – channel steel 8 sheet metal 4.
  • Inside covering: wall skin P.V.C or M.D.F in white color
  • Insulation type: Polystyrene, rock wool, polyurethane.
  • Outside body: Shadow line sheet size 1.5 m with furnace paints.
  • Floor covering: M.D.F size 15 mm with P.V.C floor.
  • Ceiling covering, sheet metal size 2 mm with double – edged gradient in furnace paints.
  • Skin Electrical and Telephone wiring both in outside and inside form.
  • Other installation and equipments can done according to customer’s order.
  • Main customer:
  • Constructional companies: for rapid equipment of work shop.
  • Innovation of school organization: mobilized and equipped schools.
  • Municipalities: mobilized sanitary services.
  • Telecommunication: B.T.S sites, switch, rural.
  • Shelter size: max 3*12 min 1.5*1.5

Type II: bolted metal construction (by using bolts in connections)

  • Chassis is made of iron beam, channel steel, different furnace pre painted rectangular
  • Wall and ceiling covering: furnace pre painted panels.
  • Connection type: by suitable bolt & nut.
  • Insulation type: polystyrene.
  • Electrical & telephone wring: in outside form.
  • Other installation & equipment: according to the customer order.
  • This kind of shelters are used mostly in larger areas or arduous area that shelters can not the carried by trailer or crane, such as rural school.

Type III: compact shelter

  • Chassis & skeleton: formed sheet metal and different kinds of rectangular profile.
  • Wall & ceiling covering: ready panel.
  • Floor covering: M.D.F size 15 mm with suitable P.V.C floor skin.
  • Wring: in outside form.
  • Installation & equipment: according to customer order.
  • This kind of shelter capable of rapid assembling and reassembling. Same reassembled shelters can the carried by only one trailer.


  • Office, workshop, engineering, with 1, 2 or 3 room (3*2, 3*4, 3*6, 3*10, 3*12).
  • Educational: schools with 1, 2, 3 or 5 classrooms and teacher room.
  • Sanitary services: including 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cabin with wash basin and drinking fountain.
  • Communicational: B.T.S, switch center, rural.
  • Radio and television station.
  • Customers: east azarbayjan equipping and renovation of schools organization. East azarbayjan cooperation of municipalities organization. Tabriz, orumiya, kerman, semnan, Isfahan, babol, ahvaz, Bandar abbas, zahedam, gazvin, shahr kord, telecommunication ca. east azarbayjan broadcasting center. East azarbayjan office of natural source researehes. Ashura inistitude, Petral company.


The introduction of shelter products

Gostaresh & Tose Azarbayjan company(TSA) attempted to manufacture various kinds of shelters in addition to other products. This section of company is now active by manufacturing annually 1000 shelters. Considering design and researches under way we hope that in its development phase this section is follow by manufacturing prefabricated building.


For getting more acquainted some products are introduced below:

1.Various kinds of fixed shelter with lengths of 200 400 600 800 1000 and 1200 cm and widths of 240 and 300 cm as halls and/ or roomed with a cabin for sanitary service/ kitchen which are to be used for following purposes: Work offices satellite meteorology posts livestock quarantine various prefabricated schools with one or more classrooms laboratory clinic blood transfusion station and etc.

2.Various kinds of shelter for sanitary services including one or more independent cabins for bath and WC with full hot and cold water piping corrosion – and wear – resistant sewage and possibility to move.

3.Various kinds of earthquake – resistant prefabricated building in one or two stories as execution with sandwich panel and / or integrated with strong steel frame and possibility to assemble and reassemble in any size and to creat internal space for residential or office applications.

4.Various kinds of single – double – walled kiosks for information guarding and sales kiosk in various sizes.

5.Various kinds of wall and ceiling sandwich panels in various thicknesses and sizes.

Products of T.S.A company characteristics

  • 100% earthquake – resistant
  • Portable and movable anytime, anywhere
  • No need to foundation and groundwork
  • Easy erection and initiation
  • Rapid delivery
  • Cost – effective

Services of T.S.A company this company

  • Guarantees the quality and premium of its products.
  • Undertakes erection services by specialist
  • Provides the customer with high after sale services


Specification of shelters producted by T.S.A company

This company is a leading and the largest producer of various fixed mobile and villa shelters in different sizes with erection services at any place desired by the customers.

  • Specification of chassis: made from steel profile with chassis support of iron beam size 14 and 16 upon the customers desire (for fixed Shelters).


  • Specification of floor: covered with MDF sheets(14 – mm) under which are bitumen insulated. Upon the preference of the customers first grade cogged sheets parquets or floor finished may be used for flooring the shelter.


  • Specification of walls:


  1. The capability for using sandwich panel with the thickness of 5 cm or both sizes colored galvanized sheet (0.5 mm) insulated with polyurethane for light shelters for using in safe places.
  2. The capability for using sandwich panel with any thickness upon the customers order for external layer with any type of insulation that the customer prefers including polyurethane or rock wool and colored plywood MDFsheets with bonelike cover and metallic sheets for internal layers suitable for using in unsafe place or where shelter is placed in desert and mountainous regions as a non-residential place for laying telecommunication switches radio relay antenna.
  • Wiring: manufactured shelters are equipped with standard wiring considering needs of customers.
  • Door and windows of manufactured shelters can be made of wood aluminum metal or PVC with one two or multiple layers glasses according to customers order.
  • Color: External aspect of shelter is painted with furnace paints
  • Additional services: pantry WC bath and other services can be manufactured and installed according to customers order.
  • Dimension of fixed general shelters: width=max 3m, length=12m, height=2.8m and useful height=max 2.5m
  • Heating and cooling system: All conventional systems for heating and cooling can be installed according to customers order.

T.S.A company is ready to design and manufacture any kind of shelters according to customers order with high quality and competitive price.



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