Combine Sahand 68s

There are plenty of reason for owning one’s  own combine harvester in this category: for instance you retain your independence and can harvest when you know the time is right and the crop is at its peak. This explains the popularity of the SAHAND 68S.

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This combine is full of the latest technology and is a thoroughbred combine from the company with the longest experience of combining in difficult European conditions.

The vital statistics include a cutterbar width of up to 4.20 meters, a threshing drum width of 1.06 meters, four straw walkers with intensive separation and a grain tank volume of 3.200 litres. It adds up to great combine for harvesting on your own farm without outside help. It has high performance and is manoeuvrable so it is easy to smallish or irregular shaped fields.


High speed combining

The output of any combine is determined as the crop enters the combine. Combine performance is based on smooth regular crop flow: a clean cut and then a fast flow of crop into the machine difficult crop like long stemmed Rye and laid Barley must be cut and consumed with the same ease as standing wheat. The SAHAND cutterbar cuts precisely and doesn’t rip the stalks out of the ground thanks to a large clearance between the knife bar and intake auger.


All round capability

The spring steel crop lifter ensure that the crop is lifted cleanly, even when it is laid or weed infested you react to changing crop condition by changing the reel speed and horizontal reel position from the drivers cab. To change fields the cutterbar can be quickly removed and replaced with quick connectors and couplers to ease the task.

Proven threshing

The SAHAND 68S comes with one of the most highly developed and proven threshing system around it has a high reputation for thoroughness gentle grain treatment, excellent disowning and high separation efficiency. It also produces th best possible straw quality. In addition there is the unique MULTICROP (option)  concave consisting of three individual concave segments. These are removed from the front of the combine and make it easy to change over from small to large grains and back, accentuating the multi crop talents of this combine. Disawning slats are fitted to the front part of the concave to enhance this process. The threshing drum speed and the concave clearance can both be adjusted from the cab.


Direct power flow

The drive line is very sturdy with an automatic tensioner to keep the tension right and with no slippage, an important point in tough harvesting situations. The stone trap is emptied conveniently below the combine.


Thorough separation

The extra long and wide straw walkers aerate the straw intensively. The height and frequency of the walker action has been arrived at after many years of experience and this explains why SAHAND has such a good reputation in the area of crop sorting. Intensive straw loosening is encouraged by the high steps and additional extensions. Each walker has its own returns pocket for added stability and a rigid form. Large opening in the top surface let the grain drop unimpeded and make their way down into the combine.


High intensity is better

The SAHAND intensive agitation tines are an added special feature adding to output. The controlled agitation tines are located over each of the the straw walkers and penetrate deep into the straw, loosening it and pulling the mat apart whilst at the same time speeding up the crop flow. The grain drops much more readily through the walker. You profit form peak work rates, even when the harvesting conditions are less then ideal.

Quality crop

The grain tank fills up with clean grain and no broken straw or chaff. The volume of 3.200 kg corresponds to around 2.5 tons of wheat. The grain is discharged at a high speed via a hydraulically operated auger.


Through preparation

Improves crop cleanliness. The extra long preparation pan sorts out the crop to be cleaned. The pan is easy to remove on the SAHAND 68S and that makes it easy to clean.


Strong air blast for all condition

The powerful air blast is spread evenly over the whole sieve box area and keeps the twin adjustable frogmouth sieves clear. The amount of air can be set form the side of the combine by varying the fan speed.


Quality control

The volume and composition of the returns gives the driver valuable hints as to the level of adjustment of the whole machine. On this combine the driver can be set clearly what is going on inside the machine.


It all depends on the driver

The driver is the one person who can really influence how much can be got out of the combine. Its up to the driver to release the built in performance potential designed into the combine by the engineering team. The machine set up is kept close to the maximum, the correct drive speed is set and work rate is at its peak.


A comfortable environment

The driver has an agreeable operating environment so he or she benefits in every harvesting situation. Visibility all round is very good and this makes for comfortable working conditions. The key factor is that the driver can work effectively for a long harvesting work day.



The feeder housing is highly durable with three feed chains and can also be fitted with a four row maize header.

A strong engine for high work Rates

The right engine is just as important as the right driver. SAHAND is an independent manufacturer and can choose the engine to be fitted in each model objectively on the basis of selected on teria. As a result every SAHAND combine has a superb power plant in its heart. The SAHAND 68S is equipped with a 6 cylinder diesel engine with 92 kw (125 hp) output.


Plenty of room for service

The engine is fitted behind the grain tank with lots of space for easy accessibility. All the main components can be reached by a large service platform with its own access ladder. The Power is transferred using heavy duty power hand drives


Always the right speed

The SAHAND 68S has a mechanical drive with stepless speed control coming from a variator with automatic tensioning. This is a highly dependable speed control over every field and with a fully loaded grain tank.


A strong foundation

A heavy combine needs strong axles. Axles made by SAHAND are designed for tough field operation with big headers up front.


All round capabilities make the SAHAND 68S even more acractive

Multi crop capability increases cost effectiveness, bringing with it increased operating hours that you need to justify this sort of investment. Lower fixed costs spread over more hours of usage. This multi crop skill is an important indicator for future profitability, since the SAHAND combine will one day be harvesting crops which are still on the drawing board. The SAHAND engineers are well aware of possible future development and plan them into design of each and every combine.

A close dialogue with farming and related experts helps us identify future trends well a head of time. SAHAND can supply headers and accessories to enable you to harvest virtually every crop. Everything is designed for the same high output and fit perfectly on the SAHAND 68S.


Combine 68s Specification

4.20 m 14 foot Cutting width
  Hydraulic Height adjustment
“mm” -413 – +1585 Cutting height range
“rpm” 12 – 48 Speed of pulley
“mm” 1060 Thresher width
“mm” 450 Thresher diameter
  6 No. of rasp bar
“rpm” 400 – 1500 Thresher speed adjustment
  4 No. walkers
4.15 Walkers area
“rpm” 220 Speed of walker crankshaft
5.4 Separation area
3 Total sieve area
2.5 tons of wheat 3200 litter Grain tank capacity
H 3310 Hydraulic Unloading tube
1006.6 Perkins Engine
5800 Capacity
“rpm” 2600 Maximum speed no load
“rpm” 2500 Maximum speed full load
“rpm” 1150 Slow idling speed
125 hp 92 kw Engine power
Litter 22 – 24 Cooling capacity
litter 200 Full tank capacity
150 A.H 12 v Battery
  Dry signal disk clutch Cluth
  Tree forward one reverse gear Transmission “gear box”
“km/h” 1.6 – 4.7 Speed range 1.gear
“km/h” 4 – 12.3 Speed range 2.gear
“km/h” 6.5 – 19.9 Speed range 3.gear
“km/h” 3.1 – 9.5 Speed range R.gear
  Hydrostatic Streering
  Foot and hand brake Brakes
Rear 8.25 – 16 Front 18.4 – 30  10 pr Tyre size
“kg” 6080 Weight without cutterbar
“kg” 1000 Cutterbar weight
“kg” 260 Weight cab
“mm” 3700 Maximum height
“mm” 2900 Maximum width without cutterbar
“mm” 4700 Width of cutterbar
“mm” 9425 Maximum length with cutterbar

With the aim of increasing the quality of the operator’s work and preventing the entry of dust and increasing efficiency, the Azerbaijani expansion and development company has started installing cabins on its combines.

– Ability to use Sahand 68S and TS160 Combines
– A convenient place for the operator
– Increase Productivity

ude and flat glass combin cabin profile

1780 * 1470 * 1500 mm Dimensions
290 Kg Weight
Color and faith Glass
Equipped with air conditioning system Ventilation
fiberglass Roof
Video cd projection system and projector equipped with heating system * Optional equipment

* This item is installed on customer order.

Combine cabin raw glass

– Ability to use Sahand 68s
– Increased operator visibility and safety thanks to the use of laminated glass and laminate according to the standard of self-made firms.


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